Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sept.23, 2009
Teacher - Smiti Sood
Grade6 - Science
Students are learning the different methods of separation of mixture :- sedimentation,decantation,filtration and centrifugation

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Date : Sept 11, 2009
Grade6 - Science
Activity on : States of Matter
Students of Grade6 prepared a chart by categorizing and posting the different properties of matter

Monday, April 27, 2009

Grade 6
Science students are studying the concept of reflection using plane mirrors.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Grade I & II

1. We will never throw trash on the ground. –Siri Avtar
2. I will not waste water. – Sahil

Grade IV

1. Never waste resources, food, electricity, water and always pick up trash if you see it. Save the world. – Guru Sundesh
2. Do not leave the water on when you brush your teeth. – Sadhana
3. Save light. Do not leave the light on when you go to sleep. – Sukhmani
4. Grow more trees and turn off the lights when you leave the room. – Mehtaab
5. Do not waste food. Do not use polybags. – Sarah

Grade V

1. Don’t waste food ,take as much as you need and if you finish that you can get more.- Gurudev

Grade VI

1. Start a compost pit. – Siri Dharam Kaur
2. Recycle bottles.- Guru Kartar Kaur
3. Use trash bins.- Jeewan Jot Singh
4. Judicious use of water and electricity, avoid wastage of food. -. Harman

Grade VII

1. To reduce the flow of the toilet water fill a water bottle with sand, screw it tightly and put it on the toilet. – Prithipal Pal
2. People should stop throwing garbage everywhere and use trash cans because we have a lot of them. – Sat Paul
3. Turn off lights and electrical gadgets when not using them. – Dev Amrit
4. To reduce water wastage. If it is yellow let it mellow and if it’s brown flush it down. – Simran
5. While you are in the shower close the water when you don’t need it. – Parmatma
6. I will always throw trash in the trash can. – Siri Sham
7. Don’t leave the tap open. – Harbhajan
8. I will always close the taps completely, - Manee
9. The school should get recycling bins to reduce wastage and reuse paper. – Ratnavali
10. We should not throw food in the dustbin. – Jatan
11. We should dump the garbage at one point till it decomposes and reuse it as fertilizer. – Anuradha

Grade VIII

1. When we are not in our rooms we should turn off the lights.- Ramneek
2. We can use less plastic bags.- Guru Fateh
3. Fix all the faucets and shower heads so that they don’t leak anymore. Bring recycling to MPA and try to enforce it as much as possible.- Hari Simran

Grade IX

1. We can have a compost pit near the dining hall for leftover food which can later be used as fertilizer. Each one can plant a flower or bush on the campus.- Hargobind
2. Recycling bins be kept in each classroom. We can use the same bus so that the air does not get polluted. – Jaspreet
3. We can recycle plastic from our milk packets. – Ikiran
4. We should not waste paper because it is made from trees.- Jessica
5. We should turn off all the lights and fans when we leave the room. – Amrita
6. Recycling bins should be placed all over the school. – Siri Simran
7. Reuse of sculptures and canvas. – Harnarayan
8. Use laptops instead of notebooks and don’t waste paper. – Sat Kartar
9. School should use recycled paper for MPA notebooks. – Sukhjit

Grade X

1. Turn off geysers at night. – Teo
2. Install solar panels for electricity. – Savitri
3. Keep lights off when not in the room. Change tube lights into low wattage bulbs. – Ad Sach
4. Once a month or once week electricity should be turned off for the entire night. – Dharam Gian K
5. We should buy new buses that aren’t as polluting as the ones we are using now. We can save so much fuel. – Yoan
6. All MPA students and staff should switch off lights at night. – Akin
7. MPA should start using recycled paper only. We should never use disposable cups and plates which are used in our functions. I bet these badges are not made from recycled paper. – Gobind
8. Turn off the lights when not being used. – Siri Tapa
9. Close the tap while brushing your teeth. – Ken
10. No hair spray, shower should stop giving water after seven minutes, no littering , energy saving light bulbs should be used, solar power and insulated devices be used, use fans instead of AC – Tarun, Tripta

Grade XI

1. Use more natural sources of light and energy and be more electricity conscious. – GAHK
2. Atomized taps save water, blow dryers save paper. – Hari Miter
3. Save energy by switching off water heaters and geysers throughout the day until you need to shower. – Siri Krishna
4. Take as much food as required. Don’t waste. – Puneet
5. Solar energy should be used rather than using excess of fossil fuels. – Line
6. Instead of having all the students standing at attention, they could have trash duty or work like mowing lawns. – Ram Das
7. Cover MPA buildings with solar power to save money and have clean energy.- Amar Atma Singh
8. I am in favor of planting trees and making earth green – Preet Grover
9. The school should buy sprinklers instead of flooding the grass with water with giant hoses, people should take shorter showers which would save excess use of water.- Dev Dharam
10. We should have special trash cans for milk packets and coke bottles brought to the dorms and they should be recycled. – Simran Pal
11. Reduce paper waste by reusing photocopied paper. – Jagat Jyoti Singh
12. Reduce wastage of paper by increasing the quality and reducing production. Use of washable ink will enable use of the same sheet of paper again and again.- Siri Parmeshar Singh

Grade XII

1. Each student should be given a potted plant to take care of during our stay in MPA. When it grows it can be planted in the school garden. – Atma
2. We should brush our teeth while taking a shower to save water.- Dharma
3. Switch off water coolers in winter to save electricity. – Satshabad
4. Put your trash in the trash bin instead of throwing on the ground. – Fynn

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Grade 8
Punjabi students are making Aloo Prantahas

Grade 9 & 10

Grade 9
Biology Students are performing an experiment to show the test for carbon dioxide gas.

Grade 7
Science students are viewing microbes on microscope and different specimens in science laboratory.

Grade 6
Science students are giving presentation on the diseases - Bulimia, Polio and rabies.

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