Wednesday, November 15, 2006

In the other art classes taught by Davinder Singh and Gurinder Singh, students have been painting with acrylics.

Here are some of the results:

Abstract by Hamsmukh Kaur

A work in progress by Sat Shabd Singh

by Fernanda (Grade 8)

Mosaic rose by Siri Deva Kaur

Work in progress by Dharma Kaur

The Juniors have been making papier mache creations in Art class.

These are all works in progress.
Guru Anter's pig now has golden sparkles and will soon have wings.

Simran Kaur's striped cat's face is now pink.

This orange and black striped cat was made by Saibhang Kaur.

Here's Guru Dyal's creation in its early stages of becoming a flying monster.

Davinder Singh and Gurinder Singh have been teaching plaster carving to the Grade 6, 8 and 9 Art classes. Siri Sham Sunder working on soapstone.

Here are some pictures of their works in progress.

A work in progress by Guru Amrit Kaur (Grade 8)
Here Guru Amrit is working on her piece.

Ajit Singh from Brazil is working on green marble. You can already see the hawk emerging:

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A poem from Rashmeen, Grade 11:

Every weekend

This lady would come to our house

And we would learn Punjabi with her



Unfortunately scary

Black as her eyes were

She would make us have

Tears in our eyes

Whenever we did something wrong

Every weekend

To me….

Old creepy lady

Would come and ruin our days

She was a really a disciplined lady

Always confident

Being proud of who she was

And needed everything done perfectly

It would rain if you see her smile

Every weekend

In class sometimes not do my work

And just look at her

Of course I got scolding

I always had a feeling that

She had something kept inside her

And does not want

Anyone to know about it

For some reason YES! I did

But didn’t know anything

One weekend

She was gone with the wind

No news from her family

Or any relatives

We were happy

Yet scared

Every weekend

I pray to god

Hoping she is ok

And would come back

As I secretly admired


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