Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Somehow, I missed posting this poem back in January when Ariel Retuta, Grade 12 first wrote it in response to an assignment to write a poem about anything she chose.

I Could Write About Anything

I could write about anything.

Should I write about Olympic swimming, hate, or sorrow?
Or passionately express my hopes for tomorrow?

Would it interest you to hear about my life?
Or should I entertain you by confessing that someday, I'd like to be his wife?

I know! You'd rather read about my dying mother.
Or maybe I'll descirbe the beauty of a woman...or a landscape...Or perhaps something other.

Could I tell you about the divine secrets that nature reveals?
No, no. I'll speak about my political views and how their damage is still unhealed.

They've cut the tits of the divine feminine, y'know!
And global warming is sure to kill the planat FAST and not slow.

Actrually, I think it will bore you if about that I sing.
How could I possibly please you? I could write on anything.

I know! I know! I'll write about art.
No wait! I'll tell a story of two siblings who were tragically forced apart.

Well, instead, let me lay out a beautiful sonnet.
Nah, it's a big waste of my time, honest.

I'll tell you about the scars my body holds.
No, I'll write on how life mystically unfolds.

Something more playful? How 'bout chess, or some kind of game?
Is that too light? I know! Would you like to know how a man is tamed?

Wait, wait. I'll bitch bout America being the world's super power!
No..I'll describe the passion of adolescent burning desires.

I could do anything really. Like the innocense of a child.
But now that I think of it, I should to something wild.

Hmm.. Maybe if I don't rhyme.
And make it really crazy. With aboslutely no
And a. mis.matching.
rhythem. With unnecessary stops.. and pauses.......
And maybe make a poetic revoluation with the "INTENTIONAL" lack of order. (It's art, I swear!!!)

No, that's stupid and doesn't make sense.
This poem is starting to make me feel tense.

I've got it:
I could write haikus.
Zen-like and with deep meaning.
Simple yet thoughtful.

On second thought, I've decided against it.
It's impossible for my mind and your liking to fit.

Could I possibly please all with my writing?
The answer is no. It's not worth my fighting.

I swear to God I'm trying and trying.
But if I told you I cared, I'd really be lying.

The bell has rung and I'm all out of time.
At least I wrote this poem with catchy rhymes.

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